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This is a self-portrait. It is a picture of my life, as it is a picture of my living room, reflected in the underside of the lamp (the white halo is the ceiling above). You can see me sitting directly under the lamp looking up to take the photo (click the picture to see it full screen).


I am developing a new phase in my creative life, moving away from words towards a sensual art which can express the conceptual inspirations I've tried to express through poetry. It seems to me that altered states of consciousness are the most intriguing of human experiences, and since my poetry was attempting to open ways for people to experience something of the sense of wonder such states of mind release, it's natural that my poetry is now emerging in visual and spatial art forms.

This is a slightly more conventional, if unflattering, self-portrait! Taken while we were on our honeymoon in 2008 in Nepal, staying at the monastery in NamoBuddha.

Wandering the streets of Barcelona at night, we happened on random beauty in the form of Gaudi's architecture, beautifully lit by the care-taking citizens. They have also paved some of the streets with trippy paving slabs which are engraved with lovely patterns that glisten in the moonlight and the street lighting. This is how I sightsee, by trusting to happy accident... having chosen suitable places in which to exercise that trust, of course! The photo at the top of the page is inside Gaudi's cathedral, Sagreda Familia, also in Barcelona.

Timeline of the Artist

(as a young blog)

1953:  born near Birmingham, England

1953:  first memory!                                 Sunlight on the wall above me, warmth, sense of happiness/well-being!

1957:  standing with Mum on the bank of the River Severn watching the tidal bore rush past: spontaneously hurled my golly into the torrent! Swept away in a trance of flow.

1957:  emigrated to Canada.

1957-1962:  happy Canadian childhood in Quebec on the shore of The Lake of Two Mountains.

1962-1969:  living just south of the border in the mountains of Vermont. Alone in the warm summer meadows aged 12, I experienced satori spontaneously. Later, with friends swimming every day of summer in the snowmelt river at the bottom of a gorge.... floating became the motif of my life method.

1967: started an “underground” magazine called Siege with a friend in high school. Panic in high places! Interviewed in the local newspaper. My father backed me in the Principal’s office. Victory for the people!

1968:  won third prize in a New England-wide poetry competition for high school students.

1970:  returned to live in England the day after New Year’s Day.

1970-1971:  attending college in Thanet, Kent. First girlfriend. First psychedelic gigs attended: Hawkwind living and playing frequently in the area.

1971:  hitch hiked to Glastonbury Tor during Easter break, sleeping in the tower on top of the tor with a dozen “heads”, some with tales of overland trips to India. Heard the word of mouth news of a free festival nearby in June. Returned to college and dropped French in favour of pottery so that exams would not clash with Glastonbury Fayre. Joined the Glastonbury revolution, five days in front of the Pyramid Stage on Worthy Farm.

1971-1975:  freek scenes in Britain and Europe.

1975: overland to India in a painted bus (Jimi Hendrix and a swathe of stars streaking along the side) with some squatting friends.

1975-1978:  adventures in the East, including 7 months in Goa and some months in the Himalayas. In the end I hitch hiked back to Europe to check that I was still on planet Earth. I was. It is.

1978-1980:  squatting in London, volunteering at head office of Friends of the Earth, soap opera dramas in Freak Street (my nickname for Batavia Rd, the street we were squatting in New Cross, near Deptford).

1981: traveling in southern Europe. Finished up in Frankfurt am Main at the end of the year (to see some girls met in Spain in the summer).

1981-1986:  living in Frankfurt, writing lots of poetry, and making my living by selling a handmade book of my poems on the streets, in parks, coffeehouses, and bars. Sold about 4000 copies in 4 years. The book was called Turning. (Please get in touch and say hello if you’ve got one!)

1986: won two poetry prizes. The first one was third prize in a very small magazine’s competition. The second was first prize in a major international competition. (See poems section).

1986:  having had my interest piqued in quantum physics through reading Fritjof Capra’s The Tao of Physics, I returned to live in the U.K. and study physics and maths with the Open University. Arrived in Swansea in August, and enjoyed a whole month of warm and sunny weather. It’s never been like that since.

1987-1997:  studying with O.U., meeting my future wife, jamming with anarchist noise band Great White Death, living in the woods outside Swansea, dreaming art. Published two science fiction short stories.

1997-2009:  working in Waterstone’s Booksellers, buying a house, getting married, discovering video editing as a result of marrying. Bonus!

1999: moving into our new house with my future wife, lost the word-processing disc which contained the only copies of most of my best poems. Bummer!

2007: bought an iMac. No hassle computing at last!

2008:  married, honeymoon in Nepal.

2009: the world recession bit, and I was made redundant in June.

2009-2012:  doing MA Contemporary Dialogues part-time at Swansea Metropolitan University. After graduation, using iBooks Author to convert my Final Project into Phat Beat Freek Scenes, available as a free download for iPad through Apple’s iBook Store app.

2013:  returned to India with my wife, first time since 1978.... (came into Shiva’s notice, reminded we were buddies, me independent little being, my skeptic older mind now at peace me Baba Shanti Om say hello, being real and free, all actions are mediated through human contact and physical connection)....

NOWhoping for the art world to take me up on my offer of art work.....


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Anish Kapoor’s sculpture outside his retrospective exhibition at the Royal Academy in London at the end of 2009.

It was one of the most inspirational shows I’ve ever seen.

some pics link
some pics link